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Past / Future Production

The Bonnanza Mine was considered the largest gold mine in Oregon from 1988 to 1993. It derives it’s name from a clever manipulation of the spelling of Bonanza to fit Tom Bonn’s last name and had several partners in ownership.

Although, Bonnanza Mine, Inc. was not the first mining company to mine gold on this property it was particularly profitable due to sheer volume of production despite the difficulty dealing with large glacial boulders found everywhere in this deposit. It was also notably successful in land reclamation and received many state and federal awards for safety and environmental concerns and is recognized worldwide for setting industry and environment standards.

A complete dissertation about the reclamation procedures and successes can be viewed at: http://ecorestoration.montana.edu/mineland/histories/metal/bonnanza/
In short, the Bonnanza Mine worked 45 acres of deposit during its five years in operation (10 acres had been previously worked prior to 1940), and left the property a better natural place than Mother Nature had done over eons of careful erosion - the Mine gives new meaning to surrogate motherhood.

Its reclamation practices will be employed by the new operators, as the ground itself will provide net profit and funds for a natural habitat envied by Mother Nature herself – a win, win scenario for the mining community.

The mine closed operations in the mid 1990’s but a careful review of its history and other information makes the following operational statistics reliable:

  1. At peak production the number of employees on payroll was 35.
  2. Production yardage per hour was approximately 50 yards.
  3. Had great difficulty working around boulders throughout the deposit.
  4. Moved over half a mile of creek in harmony with government agencies.
  5. Operations seemed somewhat inefficient with mismatched equipment.
  6. Recovered only nugget gold without the fines.
  7. Leased the mineral rights to the property.
  8. All indications are that the mine was very profitable.
In contrast, the new mining company “Bonanza Mine, Inc.” (please note the spelling change) has projected reliable expectations as follows:
  1. Employ no more than 9 people for production purposes.
  2. Production yardage is estimated to be 100 yards per hour.
  3. Will use a large derocker that can handle up to 3-foot boulders.
  4. Will also make use of conveyors for moving yardage.
  5. Will recover nuggets and fine gold.
  6. Will own the mineral rights and property (minimum 10 million yards).
  7. Will be at least 4 times more profitable per hour than the old Bonnanza Mine.
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