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Over the past 25 years I have spent millions of dollars of my personal money to test hundreds of placer gold properties throughout the western United States and in Mexico. From all this testing, I selected and have acquired a majority interest in a number of ‘best of the best’ properties, all located in the Pacific Northwest. My goal is to operate these properties as the best placer gold mining operations in North America.

Successful placer mining requires a blend of the following:
  • Control/ownership of high quality properties with substantial potential. My properties have accessible gold reserves of over 3,000,000 ounces. As an example, the Bonanza operation has tested reserves of 250,000 to 500,000 ounces.
  • The technical know how to recover the gold economically and on a large scale. I have studied mining equipment and processes and have tested and developed the technology to produce exceptional yields using minimal equipment and manpower. Total costs for a typical operation are about $130 per ounce, less than 1/3 of the $500+ current price of gold.
  • Experience. With over 25 years of successful experience as a miner, operator and mining consultant, I have the reputation of being an authority on finding and developing placer operations.
  • Working capital and equipment is the final piece of the puzzle to start operations. Several investment opportunities are available.
    • Option #1: Six million dollars five hundred thousand will clear the title and start a 1000 yard per shift operation on the Bonnanza Mine, start a 2000 yard per shift mine in Montana and a 1000 yard per shift mine in Oregon, which will produce income of $52,000 per shift. With an production cost of $150 per ounce ( $16,000 per shift), net profit is estimated to be $36,000 per shift ($455/oz. gold value).
    • Funding will also be used to clear the title, clean the property, and install a sewer system to complete site development on a 1000-acre industrial property on Interstate I84 near Boise, Idaho. This property currently includes I84 entrance and exit, high voltage supply and in place 5 MW transformer, Union Pacific rail service with spur, four 30 foot diameter by 60 foot tall and ten 25 foot diameter by 55 foot tall cement silos, water rights. Oregon industrial tax incentives are available.
    • Option #2: Two million four hundred thousand dollars will start the Montana operation at 2000 yards per shift. Gross income will be $26,000, with an $18,000 net per shift.
    • The industrial property title will be cleared and the property developed as above.
    • Option 3: Nine hundred thousand dollars will start the 1000 yard per shift Oregon operation, which has a clear title on 200 acres with mineral and water rights. Income is projected at $13,000; with a cost of $4000, net per shift will be $9,000.
  • Your investment will be secured, depending on the option, by any or all of the following:
    • The 1000+ acre industrial site as described above, developed with a clear title.
    • The 560-acre Bonanza properties with mineral rights and a clear title with proven reserves of $130,000,000. Typical, similar adjacent recreational properties sold for $10,000 per acre 10 years ago. Properties in this area are very rarely available for sale.
    • All purchased recovery and mobile equipment for operations.
    • A magnificent jade carving appraised at over $2,000,000. www.jademasterpiece.com
Please review the www.aumine.com website to become familiar with the Bonanza property, then feel free to contact me, Paul Vaden, at (503) 670-1093.