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Paul Vaden

Paul Vaden is the primary person responsible for property acquisition, recovery operations and will be the general manager. Management responsibilities include equipment and recovery system coordination. Objectives include maximum production while improving property value with ground classification for land reclamation.

Paul has extensive experience in the gravel and gold industry with hands on experience in volume production. He also is a businessperson well versed in sales and negotiating techniques.

In 1979 Paul met Dr. David Ross, who was chairman of the board of Erickson Mining Co., and later was one of the principals in Lornex mine in Canada, one of the biggest producers of copper in the world. They spent three years prospecting together in the western states and Mexico.

Paul Explored and learned mining from Dr. Ralph Roberts, a well respected geologist, who is credited with having made the largest gold discovery in the U.S., near Elko, Nevada. The mines are still producing for the Newman Company and Barrick.

Another mentor was John Costella (a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines), who helped make the Park City, Utah mines. Mr. Costella taught Paul how to find productive mining properties.

Mining engineer Richard Schmittel, also a graduate from the Colorado school of Mines, taught Paul mining techniques. During the 1980’s Mr. Schmittel operated a placer mine near Nevada City, California on the Yuba River producing 200 yards per hour, using trucks, with 14 workers.

Between 1979 and 1991 Paul worked with Dave Ross, John Constella, Dr. Roberts, Richard Schmitttel and a number of other senior geologists and mining engineers. They helped Paul develop more efficient mining processing techniques and equipment, including a proprietary derocker, while he operated successful mines in Nevada, Oregon, Mexico and Arizona.

During the 1980’s Richard Schmittel operating a profitable mine (in the old, dry Yuba river bed) in California using the best current technology, processing 2000 yards per day using a 14 man crew. Between 1990 and 1994, with the experience and help of all these experts, Paul designed, built, and operated a 2000 yard per day operation in the same ore body (approximately 20 miles downstream) using 7 people.

Another operating example is a Winnemucca, Nevada high yield mine, which operated at 60 yards per hour, 10 hour shifts using a 4 man crew.

Paul has continued to research and develop even better techniques and is ready to apply them in the Bonanza operation!

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Personal Note
Twenty-five years ago I decided to sell all my investments and a highly successful business to become the best gold miner in the world. I quickly learned this was not going to be easy. I spent millions of dollars of my own money in this effort. I visited, observed, and studied most all of the placer operations from the border of Canada into Mexico. Only a few of the operators know how to successfully mine. I learned from their mistakes. I researched, evaluated, developed, and operated the best, most reliable equipment to simply classify materials. I have proprietary technology to recover coarse and fine gold and to handle up to 36" boulders using minimum equipment and workers. Senior geologists/miners who have seen my operations say they are the best and most efficient they have seen.

Many large companies and individuals tried (and failed) to buy the best mine in Oregon, the famous Bonnanza Mine and associated properties. It took 13 years of hard work, but I was successful in finalizing a deal to control the Bonnanza and properties. With estimated minimum reserves of 10 million yards of ore, this operation will start at 2000 yards per day. Permits are in process and will be finalized in a few months.